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I likewise discovered this end table (such a reasonable and helpful discover… it even arrived previously gathered!) and am looking out for these handles from Anthropologie which will add a touch of glitz to the furniture. I embellished the end table with a redden/mauve vase and this excellent fake palm leaf that I found marked down.

I returned and forward on what to put on the divider over the bed yet once I found these prints, I knew they’d be impeccable. We utilized 16×20″ outlines.

We’re en route to Monticello today and afterward will be going back home from Charlottesville, VA and I can hardly wait to share more insights about where we stayed/what we did in the not so distant future.

Dozing hot on adaptable foam is a relic of past times. Our licensed cooling AirGel keeps the warmth under control abandoning you cool and agreeable for the duration of the night.