Goodness. Has it been a loooong time since I’ve composed a blog entry. Since I’ve truly done anything blogging related. Furthermore, it feels so damn great to be back at it.

So much has occurred since my last post (IN JANUARY – WHAT?!). We sold our home and moved into what must be depicted as our fantasy home in suburbia. We have a yard and agreeable neighbors and a completed storm cellar and CENTRAL AIR! It’s very cutout the suburbs however that is actually alright for us. I genuinely never figured this minute would come. Yet, that is a post for one more day 😉


It was another undertaking in that house that turned out precisely how I had imagined. I have a feeling that it truly fits the home’s 100+ year history and style. It’s cutting edge enough without being excessively sterile with a lot of appeal that feels like it has a place there.

In the event that you recollect, this is what it resembled previously. The opening on the left there is the “restroom”. Otherwise known as, storage room. Otherwise known as, a spot where we tossed a lot of stuff that we didn’t have a clue how to manage.

With the floor tile being so occupied, I realized I needed to keep it generally stifled in the remainder of the room.

I picked a nonpartisan, rich white paint on the dividers and straightforward white tram tile all through. The hardest tile choice was certainly in the shower – the floor and seat top. My underlying hunch was to go with dark penny tile and I’m so upbeat I did. It’s a striking decision yet I think it compliments the room and other tile consummately.

With the tile picked, the time had come to consider the remainder of the restroom.

I had my heart set on transforming a vintage dresser into a vanity. When I found without a doubt the PERFECT dresser for only a couple of hundred dollars, I got it that equivalent day. It might have remained in our storm cellar for quite a long time (and many months) however I’m so happy I made that buy the previous fall.

This infant was a great deal of work. We sanded down the entire thing at that point prepared and painted the whole dresser (less the top). I picked a dim green (Mount Etna by Sherwin Williams) in the wake of purchasing 10 million examples. I couldn’t settle on a dull green or dim blue. It must be a dull shading since everything else (next to the floor) was white. It HAD to stand out without being occupied. I settled on green over blue since I had sooooo much blue in our home that I required a change. What’s more, obviously green makes a space feel increasingly serene and unwinding. In any case, for the most part that an excessive amount of blue thing.

My better half and I didn’t impart precisely what would accomplish for the top. He thought he should sand the whole thing down and I simply needed the sides and front sanded. In any case, this error really uncovered the delightful wood grain on the vanity top that I chose to keep. We completed it with some oil to seal it and the grain truly pops.

Despite the fact that it was a ton of work, it is completely flawless in the restroom. From the wavy wood in the front, to the excellent subtleties in the legs, to the equipment, to the small little wheels on the base, sighhhhh, I was head over recuperates in adoration with it.