32+Step by step instructions to Create a Gorgeous Blended Ombre Dresser

Figure out how to paint a mixed ombre dresser.

When you paint a great deal of furniture, now and then, you simply need a FUN task. This mixed ombre dresser was that task for me. I have no clue on the off chance that it will sell or not, yet man, was it amusing to paint!

Half a month prior, I viewed a Facebook live from Blue Peaches Furniture in the Country Chic Paint gathering and was quickly propelled to make my very own ombre dresser in shades of blue.

In the event that one shade of blue is marvelous, why not paint with four shades (in addition to white?)

Nation Chic Paint furnished me with paint for this undertaking, yet all considerations and conclusions are my own. I could never suggest items that I wouldn’t purchase or use without anyone else. (I really purchase a great deal of Country Chic Paint without anyone else.) Your help encourages me make more undertakings like this one!

Prep Work. This dresser had dazzling lines, however I realized that the completion would be hard to work with. After completely cleaning this dresser, I delicately sanded it, at that point I connected a few flimsy layers of shellac on in. Perceive how the dresser is red? Those tannins will seep through paint and turn any light hues pink. Fixing them with shellac is an unquestionable requirement. Give extraordinary consideration to any regions where pieces are joined, for example, the trim on top and where the dresser top meets the dresser body. These are regularly the issue zones and may require a few coats to seal in the tannins.

Prime. I prepared portion of the dresser since I realized that the light hues at the top would shading better over a white base of preliminary. It’s additionally a decent method to see where you have to include additional shellac. Any pink spots will continue seeping through. Include more shellac!