I have been on the tips of my toes hanging tight to share our new family room uncover with you! Our lounge room is one of my preferred rooms in our Mid-Century Modern Home. I completely love the manner in which the sun radiates through the floor-to-roof windows, which are parallel to the front windows. It’s such a tranquil space to hobnob as a family! Some of you may recollect prior this fall when the Joybird group flew out to our home to take selective photographs for their site. I at long last got them ALL back alongside the green light to impart them to you! So energized!

This plan has been such a work of adoration. Andy and I took our individual structure tastes and bargained to make a room we both would love! I genuinely feel like the Living Room is a standout amongst the most significant rooms in any home. Does anybody recollect when we shared our VCT Tile Floor uncover with Armstrong Flooring? Or on the other hand on the off chance that you truly need to go through a world of fond memories, look at the before photographs of our home. It’s genuinely staggering to perceive how far we’ve come!

Structuring a Cozy and Chic Living Space

When picking pieces for the family room, I was set for locate the ideal couch. I at first chose a pink couch, however later altered my perspective. I feel like the couch is the most significant piece in a front room – and unquestionably the piece that will get the most use from our family! I needed something that would function admirably with the structure of the home, however would likewise be comfortable and commonsense for ordinary use. This dim Eliot Grand couch was indisputably the PERFECT decision for our needs! I cherish the cutting edge structure, however I particularly love that the texture is for all intents and purposes stain confirmation! Did you realize that you can even spill wine on this couch and it will come ideal out?! Life occurs… and the exact opposite thing I need is to be stressed over is any of us recoloring the furnishings. 😉

Agreeable Arm Chair

Another of my preferred pieces in the room is this Soto Concave Arm Chair. This seat is genuinely the best of the two universes – I adore how I don’t need to stress over it holding up to every day mileage. We chose Sunbrella Premier Fog as the texture conceal with Cherry Wood as the casing. I adore how the structure of this seat truly felt like it was intended to be in our home!

We had some good times working together with Joybird on this room uncover. Since the room is finished and I have authoritatively yelled it from the housetops, I am at long last feeling like this is home! Which piece is YOUR top choice?